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A dog bites 14 people in 16 hours in UP


JALON (Uttar Pradesh), July 2 (IANS) A street dog went on a gnawing frenzy in Uray residential colony in Jalaun, bit 14 people within 16 hours, locals finally killed the dog as forest department and Nagar Palika failed to send a team to catch the animal.

The dog bit eight people Friday night in a residential colony in an apartment complex.

Among the victims were the building’s secretary, driver and assistant. The driver’s son was attacked in the face and his nose was chewed off by the dog, employee Durga Prasad said.

On Saturday, the dog bit six other people as they were leaving for work.

Dr Virendra Kumar of the local community health center said 14 people from the colony were treated for the dog bite. They were given rabies injections.

Meanwhile, the executive director of Nagar Palika, Seema Tomar, denied killing the dog. She said the mongrel was left in the forest area after it was captured. “We sent our team as soon as we got the information,” Tomar said.


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