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6 killed as service lift crashes in 40-storied Thane building (2nd Ld)


Thane, Sep 10 (IANS) At least 6 workers were killed and one injured critically when a service lift crashed in a building in Maharashtra’s Thane on Sunday evening, officials said.

According to the Thane Municipal Corporation and Disaster Management Centre officials, the incident occurred around 5.35 p.m. in the Runwal Irene building in Balkumb area, near Ghodbunder.

The workers were descending in the service lift after completing some waterproofing works on the upper floors and the terrace of the skyrise.

Suddenly, midway during the ride down, there was a technical snag, the lift rope snapped and the lift hurtled down at high speed and crashed, killing six workers instantly and injuring one more.

Thane Fire Brigade and Disaster teams have rushed to the spot for rescue and relief operations. They rescued Sunilkumar Das, 21, who is critically hurt and rushed him to a nearby government hospital.

The deceased were identified as Mahendra Chaupal, 32, Rupeshkumar Das, 21, Haroon Sheikh, 47, Mithilesh, 35, Kalidas, 38, while one remains unidentified.

Meanwhile, the Dhruva Woollen Mills Pvt Ltd, in a statement said: “An unfortunate incident happened today at our under construction site in Balkum Thane. The said elevator had been under continuous surveillance and is serviced under an existing annual maintenance contract.

“The last proactive maintenance was done on August 23 where due oiling, servicing, lift room check-up, brake settings, car liner checking, up-on limit switch checking was satisfactorily done by the vendor. The assessment report states the good condition of the lift,” it added.

The firm further it has been cooperating with the police and other authorities in the investigation process.

“We have extended all rescue and support operations at the site and are investigating the incident at our end, as well, with our team of experts,” the statement added.


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