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Aishwarya Khare, Krishna Kaul extend greetings on ‘Janmashtami’


Mumbai, Sep 6 (IANS) Actors Krishna Kaul and Aishwarya Khare have shared their memories of ‘Janmashtami’ celebrations, as they wished for joy and prosperity in everyone’s life.

Krishna, who plays Ranbir in the show ‘Kumkum Bhagya’, shared: “I feel Janmashtami brings in a lot of joy and happiness in everyone’s life. I love lord Krishna’s teachings, and to me Janmashtami is a spiritual awakening, a reminder of the divine grace that guides us through life’s ups and downs.

“I relate to Lord Krishna a lot and since my name is also Krishna, this festival has always remained very special to me. This year, I am planning to visit the temple and the Dahi Handi celebration near my house in Mumbai.”

Aishwarya, who essays the role of Lakshmi in ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’, said: “Janmashtami always brings back fond memories of celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday with full enthusiasm with my family. Be dressing up as Lord Krishna or indulging in delicious sweets, this special day is always filled with joy and laughter.”

“I remember when I was young, my sister and I always used to fight over who would dress up as Radha and who would dress up as Krishna, and participate in plays that used to happen on that day.

“Even in Mumbai, the festival is celebrated on such a grand scale that I love going around the city to witness the Dahi Handi celebrations. I wish everyone a very happy Janmashtami, I wish Lord Krishna brings in a lot of love, joy, peace, and prosperity in your life,” she added.

‘Kumkum Bhagya’ revolves around intriguing twists and turns in Ranbir (Krishna Kaul) and Prachi’s (Mugdha Chaphekar) lives.

On the other hand, ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ revolves around Lakshmi, a kind-hearted naive girl from a village who gets married to a businessman named Rishi Oberoi (played by Rohit Suchanti). However, things take a turn when Lakshmi learns the truth of her marriage.

Both the shows air on ZeeTV.


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