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Chart Your Creative Journey: Thriving Careers and Limitless Scope with Kalabhumi’s Best Graphic Design Course After 12th!


Chart Your Creative Journey Thriving Careers and Limitless Scope with Kalabhumi's Best Graphic Design Course After 12th
Chart Your Creative Journey Thriving Careers and Limitless Scope with Kalabhumi’s Best Graphic Design Course After 12th

Are you a recent 12th pass-out student who is interested in the arts and design? Are you seeking for means to turn your creativity into a lucrative career?  Look no further than Kalabhumi – your gateway to endless opportunities in fine arts, design, animation, and more!

The Perfect Courses After 12th

Kalabhumi has a wide choice of courses that are aimed to equip students for lucrative jobs in the creative sector. Whether you want to be a proficient graphic designer, an innovative animator, a great visual artist, or a logo designer, Kalabhumi has it all to foster your abilities and turn your passion into a profession.

Immerse Yourself in a World of Creativity

Kalabhumi’s diverse range of courses after 12th offers you the chance to explore various artistic avenues, including Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Graphic Design, Animation,Painting Courses, Landscape Design, Portrait Study,and many more, all available in both Degree and Diploma options.

Degree and Diploma Courses

Each student has his/her own unique path, and Kalabhumi knows it very well. The reason for their offering both degree and diploma programs. You can go for a BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts, or Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Painting or Applied Arts to go deeper into your field of interest.  Alternatively, their diploma courses are perfect for those seeking a more specialized and focused approach to their artistic endeavors.

Eligibility and Admission

The premier Institute for Arts believes in inclusivity and welcomes students from all streams. To be eligible for their fine arts and design courses, you simply need to have passed your 12th. While some colleges may have minimum mark requirements, Kalabhumi keeps their doors open to all passionate artists. Even if you’re a 10th-pass student, you can still apply for their diploma courses with minimum marks of 50%.

Exciting Career Opportunities

Kalabhumi’s courses are designed with your future in mind. Upon completion, you’ll find yourself equipped to take on various roles, including Graphic Designer, Animator, Logo Designer, Visual Artist, Illustrator, Fine Art Artist, Art Curator, Product Designer, Storyboard Artist, Fine Art Teacher, and many more. The possibilities are boundless when you unleash your creativity with this gurukul of Arts.

Enroll Today and Shape Your Artistic Destiny

The doors to Kalabhumi are wide open, and admission is now in full swing for all their courses. Don’t let this fantastic opportunity go out of your hand to embark on an incredible journey mixed with creativity and fulfillment. Their expert faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and welcoming learning atmosphere await you.

Contact Today for More Information

For all the details on course duration, classes, admission procedures, and even a free counseling session, reach out to Kalabhumi at Their team is eager to guide you toward the perfect course that aligns with your passions and aspirations.

Unleash your artistic brilliance and embark on a fulfilling career – with Kalabhumi, your creative dreams come to life!

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