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Gulki Joshi to enter ‘Vanshaj’ as SHO Haseena Malik


Mumbai, Sep 27 (IANS) Actress Gulki Joshi is set to enter the television show ‘Vanshaj’ as cop, SHO Haseena Malik.

Her role is touted to be instrumental in Yuvika’s pursuit for justice.

‘Vanshaj’ focuses on the relationships and power struggles within a business empire. The intriguing web of family politics and intricate relationships within the Mahajan household has left fans eagerly awaiting each new twist and turn in the story every week.

Haseena Malik will be the guiding star, confidante, and the trusted ally to Anjali Tatrari’s character of Yuvika.

Talking about her part, Gulki said: “Portraying Haseena in Vanshaj is a thrilling opportunity for me to embark on a captivating journey which helps me discover a very different facet of the character which I have played in the past.”

“Haseena will help Yuvika navigate through a complex maze of challenges and mysteries. I think Vanshaj is reaching an intriguing phase and I can assure that the upcoming twists and turns ahead on the show will keep you on the edge of your seats, stay tuned,” the actress added.

‘Vanshaj’ airs Monday to Saturday on Sony SAB.


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