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J&K simplifies transfer of vehicle ownership process


Srinagar, Sep 14 (IANS) The Jammu and Kashmir Transport Department, in its drive to increase ease of doing business with the government and eliminating corrupt practices, launched a new online module for transfer of vehicle ownership in the union territory, an official said on Thursday.

The new module would enable both the buyer and the seller to have the option of electronically signing the legal documents, required for application process through their Aadhaar-registered mobile number.

“This has not only made the process of making transfer of ownership application much easier but also obviated the requirement for the buyer and seller to visit the Motor Vehicle Department’s offices in person to get their identities verified as the same is being accomplished through the Aadhaar enabled e-Signing process,” a statement said.

“Earlier, the buyer and seller of a vehicle had to download application forms, fill them manually on the portal, upload back and submit the physical copies in the Transport Department’s Offices too. But now after introduction of this ambitious initiative, Form 29 and Form 30 shall be auto-generated through fetching of relevant information from VAHAN and Aadhaar databases.”

The statement added that earlier, the buyer and seller had to upload some extra documents such as sale-deed, address proof and others.

But now, there will be no such requirement, if the buyer and seller opt for the e-Sign method of application.

“Also, processing of such applications used to take weeks or even months, but now with the use of e-Sign method the same would take hours if not minutes, because all the relevant data will be fetched through VAHAN and Aaadhaar databases, obviating the need of another verification by Motor Vehicle Department Officials,” the statement said.


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