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Noida double murder case: Son held for murdering father, relative


New Delhi, Sep 10 (IANS) A man who allegedly killed his father and a relative following a property dispute in Noida’s Dankaur has been apprehended by the police, officials said on Sunday.

The accused, Jasmine, attacked his father Veer Vikramajeet Rao with a grape hoe and a small hammer, resulting in the deaths of both his father and the relative, Ram Kumar, who tried to intervene.

The incident occurred in Dankaur area of Noida. The both victims died on the spot.

After the crime, the accused fled the scene but was later caught by the Noida Police.

Officials said that a complaint was filed by deceased family members at the Dankaur police station on September 7. Subsequently, a police team was formed to investigate the case.

He said that the investigative team made continuous and diligent efforts and used electronic surveillance, gathered manual intelligence, and collected technical evidence.

He said that the police also conducted inquiries with various individuals, leading to the apprehension of Jasmine, the eldest son of the deceased.

Jasmine has confessed of his involvement in the double murder. The police also recovered the clothes he had worn during the murder, which he had attempted to wash in a bid to remove evidence.

Jasmine informed the police that his father, had mistreated his mother, leading her to move back to their village with him and his sister. In the village, their grandparents provided them with shelter. Meanwhile, Rao had been residing alone in Noida. The police discovered that Jasmine’s mother had filed for divorce, which was pending in court.

“Rao was also a writer, and for the past one and a half months, he had been setting up a small film studio in his ancestral house in the village to produce short films based on his stories. He had sold his land in Aligarh to fund the construction of this studio,” said the police.

The police revealed that on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Jasmine had an argument with his father regarding the division of property shares. Subsequently, Jasmine decided to kill his father.

“On the night of September 6, Jasmine attacked his father with a grape hoe. When Raj Kumar (relative), woke up upon hearing the commotion, Jasmine also attacked him. Later, in an attempt to ensure his father’s demise, Jasmine struck him with a small hammer on the head,” the police said.


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