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Sumeet Raghavan calls his ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ character, ‘captain of the ship’


Mumbai, Sep 14 (IANS) Actor Sumeet Raghavan, who is known for his work in the sitcom ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’, and the show ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’, has called his character of Rajesh Wagle the “captain of the ship” given his demeanour and nature in the show.

‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ depicts the daily trials and tribulations of the Wagle family, while also focusing on pertinent issues faced by the common man. The recent episodes of the show centre around breast cancer, a disease that affects numerous women across the globe.

Sumeet spoke about his on-screen wife Vandana’s (Pariva Pranati) character and her courageous battle against breast cancer, emphasising the important role of the entire family in offering endless support during this challenging journey.

He said: “Rajesh is like the captain of the ship at home, taking care of his parents, kids, and his wife, Vandana. It’s not an easy job, but he does it with a lot of determination and care. He loves his wife dearly and becomes her pillar of strength when she’s fighting breast cancer”.

He continued: “He’s always lending an ear to her fears and anxieties without judgement, which helps Vandana navigate the psychological toll of battling cancer. He also takes an active role in Vandana’s medical journey, being by her side throughout the treatment process. Rajesh’s strong support for his wife in tough times shows how important family’s care and encouragement are when dealing with life’s hardest challenges.”

Talking about how Rajesh’s character evolves in response to the challenges posed by his wife’s illness, he said, “There are several key moments. Despite Rajesh’s usual strength, there are times when he breaks down, unable to bear the weight of his wife’s illness. The mere mention of cancer invokes thoughts of mortality, and Rajesh grapples with the fear of losing her, a prospect that terrifies him deeply.”

“Vandana’s illness impacts each family member uniquely; Sakhi responds in her way, Atharv is in denial about the reality, and Rajesh grapples with unfamiliarity and helplessness in the face of it all. Amid Vandana’s illness, financial problems arise – money is lost, jewellery goes missing, and a wedding is on the horizon. Rajesh is essentially fighting battles on multiple fronts, all while trying to maintain his sanity. It’s important to note that he is portrayed as a human being with flaws, just like any of us. He is doing his best to manage his emotions and cope with the challenges thrown his way,” he added.

‘Wagle Ki Duniya: Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey’ airs Monday to Saturday on Sony SAB.


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