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Union Min Pralhad Joshi slams Siddaramaiah & Cong for trying to call PM Modi ‘neech’


Hubballi (Karnataka), Sep 7 (IANS) Union minister Pralhad Joshi slammed Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Congress party for trying to call Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘neech’ (lowly).

Speaking to media in Hubballi, Union Minister Joshi stated, “Siddaramaiah and Congress party have always attempted to call PM Modi as ‘neech’. Before this, former Union minister Manishankar Iyer had also addressed PM Modi in similar fashion.”

This is because PM Modi Ji hails from a poor family. The heartburn for the Congress party specially Gandhi family and stooges think that the seat on which PM Modi is sitting belongs to Gandhi family, he stated.

He further stated that, when it belongs to Gandhi family, how can a poor man sit on it? This is the reason they make these comments. The people have been giving answers to this.

“In connection with the row over supplying rice for Anna Bhagya scheme, we have been told that due to the drought situation in the country, rice is not available with us. That is why exports are banned and prices are increasing. The BJP-ruled states are also asking for more than five kilograms which is not provided to them. We are not able to give them extra rice and this is applicable to all states,” Union minister Joshi explained.

“I want to tell Siddaramaiah, when you announced the guarantee scheme and gave cards, did he tell people that free 10 kilograms of rice would be provided only if the central government gives it? Did you say this? Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh governments are demanding for rice. We are not able to provide extra rice apart from five kilograms to any states,” he said.

The Union minister maintained, the use of the word ‘neech’ is an example of ‘ghamand’ (arrogance) of the Congress party.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had dubbed the BJP central government as ‘neech’ for refusing to provide rice for free rice scheme. “Do not cast your votes to ‘neech’ BJP government. When I was the CM previously, 7 kilograms of free rice was given. The BJP government had reduced it to 4 kilograms,” he stated.

Now the Congress government is ready to pay money for rice, but it’s not given after the promise was made. “We have to decide how ‘neech’ they are. They don’t have humanity. No votes should be cast to them in parliamentary elections,” Siddaramaiah had urged.


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