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Yukti Kapoor opens up on her role in ‘Keh Doon Tumhein’: Kirti is woman with a purpose


New Delhi, Sep 6 (IANS) Actress Yukti Kapoor, who is playing the lead in the show ‘Keh Doon Tumhein’, said her character is a woman with a purpose, whose goal is to serve as an example for single mothers.

Set in Panchgani, the show ‘Keh Doon Tumhein’ is a gripping murder mystery and love story, that will witness varied shades of emotions of Kirti (played by Yukti) and Vikrant (played by Mudit Nayyar), and the emotional, thrilling roller coaster that Kirti goes through.

Talking about the show, Yukti said: “Kirti is a single mother. She is a confident, strong woman. I consider myself fortunate to have gained the chance to portray Kirti. The audience will see the various facets of Kirti’s persona as they are revealed in the show. She is a woman with a purpose. My goal is to serve as an example for other single mothers by being Kirti.”

Producer Shweta Shinde shared: “I had visualised in my mind to make a thriller genre show. ‘Keh Doon Tumhein’ is a show which has touches of comedy as well as a thriller drama. With this began the inception of the show.”

“Mudit Nayyar was always my first choice for the show. I was immensely impressed with him and got him on board. With ‘Keh Doon Tumhein’, I received a chance to showcase my talent and work. I am thankful and grateful to Star Plus. I hope the viewers garner us with love for our hard work,” she added.

Produced by Vajra Productions, ‘Keh Doon Tumhein’ airs on Star Plus.


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